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Before we direct you to one of our operators, could you please help us understand your request.

Do you wish to contact us about:

Pricing Enquiry

I would like a quote

Our quick quote tool allows you to instantly obtain prices to UK destinations.

You can find our Quick Quote tool here.

I need to know if you can carry my parcel

We do have a list of prohibited items which we cannot carry at all.  We also have a list of items which we can carry but will only be covered in the event of loss, not damage.

To check your item on our lists please click here.

I need to know about the level of compensation cover on my parcel

Your parcel is automatically covered for loss or damage up to £20 as standard (please check the prohibited list in the order process).  The maximum amount you can cover your parcel to is £2500.  Please use the Compensation Cover Calculator below to establish how much it would cost to cover your parcel to the full value:

Compensation Cover Calculator


What happens if my parcel is bigger/heavier than declared

We realise that mistakes can happen, however we would ask for your help to ensure we can keep our prices as low as possible by carefully weighing and measuring your parcel.

We rely on customer accuracy to ensure our pricing is the best we can offer, but even slight inaccuracies in dimensions can result in large volumetric differences.

Should extra payments become due we reserve the right to recover them.

I do not know the weights and dimensions of my parcel

On UK to UK deliveries weights and dimensions are not critical provided your parcel is no longer than 1.2m and no heavier than 25kg

Some tips on finding out weights and dimensions may include:

Weigh yourself on the bathroom scales with and without the parcel then calculate the difference

Check out a similar item on ebay (weights and dimensions are often given on the description)

Can I send to a PO Box Address?

Because our services are largely consigned, we unfortunately cannot send to P O Boxes because we cannot obtain a signature on receipt.

Why does the website say my parcel is too large for standard services?

All our services have maximum weights/dimensions.  For this reason the quick quote will only return results for available services according to your weight and dimensions.

Parcel Enquiry

I would like to track my parcel

All our services are fully trackable.  To keep an eye on the whereabouts of your parcel please use the tracking link below.

Please note that tracking will not begin until the parcel is scanned as collected.  Drivers with a handheld terminal will immediately make a collection scan, but others may not show as collected until it is received into the depot.

Track your parcel

My parcel has not been collected

We are sorry to hear your collection has failed.  Here are the options available:

Click Here for Live Help

When will my parcel be collected

Collections and deliveries on this service take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  We are sorry that we cannot offer specific times on this service.

After 7p.m.? Rebook your parcel here.

My parcel has arrived but I have a question about it

This is not what I ordered

Please contact the person who booked the order with Yodel Direct to resolve this issue.

If you are the sender of the parcel please contact live chat via the link below.

My parcel has arrived damaged

Please contact us using the live help link below in order to submit a claim for your parcel.

Click Here for Live Help

Can I make a claim for my parcel?

We are sorry you have had course to look at this section of our website and are very keen to help you.  However we should point out that we are only able to accept instruction from the contract holder.  If you did not order and pay for this order please contact the sender and ask them to register the claim with us.

We do have a list of items that we cannot carry at all (prohibited items) and a further list of items which we cover for loss but not damage. 

Please check the list carefully before contacting the customer services team to register your claim.  Whilst we cannot consider claims for prohibited items, we will often make a goodwill gesture for no compensation items (we really are nice people!)

For the full list please click here.

To register your claim please click the live help button below.

Click Here for Live Help

Do I need to retain my damaged item?

We strongly advise that you retain any damaged item until such time as your claim is fully settled.

We will require photographic evidence of both the damage to the parcel and the packaging itself as part of the claims process.

It may be the case that the claims team will ask for salvage of your item or perhaps investigate the possibility of a repair.  Once your claim is closed you may dispose of the item.

How do I apply for a refund?

All refund claims can be made either by e-mail or by speaking to the live help team. The following information is required:

1. Your Yodel Direct reference number

2. If a service failure; your parcel tracking number will be required.

The full refunds policy can be found by clicking this link.

Click Here for Live Help

My parcel tracks as delivered but my customer has not received it

Should the recipient of a parcel be unavailable, drivers will often deliver to a neighbour.

We can provide a proof of delivery which shows the signature of the recipient.

Should a proof of delivery be supplied and the recipient still disputes delivery, we would advise you to submit a claim.  As part of the claims process we can arrange a driver interview which may help ascertain the whereabouts of the parcel.

A proof of delivery is often available within the tracking updates for your delivery click here to check the tracking for your parcel.

Click Here for Live Help

I will not be available at the time of collection. What can I do?

If you know that you will not be available to hand your parcel to the driver there are a number of options available

When can I expect my parcel to be delivered?

In order to give you an estimate of when your parcel will be delivered please click the link below and enter your YOL number and postcode.

Click here to see your estimated delivery date.

I have re-booked my collection however the courier has now arrived, how do I cancel the re-booked collection request?

As your parcel has been collected, you don’t need to do anything.

You can use the original tracking number from your confirmation e-mail to track your parcel on its journey.

Can I drop my parcel off at a depot?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer this option.

Click Here for Live Help

Account Enquiries

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Please use this link to re-set your password.

I have been locked out of my account, what should I do?

Live help is currently closed. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and rest assured we will shortly be open on live help as per normal.