Have you encountered any unexpected incidents with the delivery?



My parcel tracks as delivered but my customer has not received it.

Store to Door services:

  • Should the recipient of a parcel be unavailable, drivers will often deliver to a neighbour.

  • We will be able to provide a proof of delivery which shows the signature of the recipient - if available.

  • A proof of delivery is often available within the tracking updates for your delivery. Click here to track your parcel.

  • Should a proof of delivery be supplied and the recipient still dispute the delivery, we would advise you to submit a claim. As part of the claims process we can arrange a driver interview which may help ascertain the whereabouts of the parcel. To start the claims process, you must be the contract holder and contact us, which you can do by clicking here. Contact "Live Help".

Store to Store services:

  • The parcel will be delivered to a store at local destination and the recipient will be notified.

  • The recipient will have to collect the parcel from the designated store.

  • We will be able to provide a proof of delivery which shows the last updated tracking information. Find the last tracking updates.

  • Should the parcel show as delivered to the local store and the recipient not able to collect it, we would advise you to submit a claim. To start the claims process you must be the contract holder and contact us, which you can do by clicking here. Contact "Live Help".


Can I make a claim for my parcel?

Firstly, please accept our apologies that you are having to check out this section of our website. We offer our assurance that, in the event of a claim, we will make the process as painless as possible.

Please make sure you check the "Prohibited Items list" before opening a claim or contacting the customer services team. Whilst we cannot consider claims for prohibited items, we will often make a goodwill gesture for no compensation items.

  • It's important to note that only the contract holder can register a claim with us.

  • Claims can be made only in the event of the loss or damage of a parcel.

  • You can only register a claim for loss if your parcel has not scanned for 3 working days or more after the delivery estimate.

  • Click here to open a claim.


My parcel has arrived damaged.

We strongly recommend that you retain any damaged item(s) until your claim has been settled.

It may be the case that the claims team will ask for salvage of your item or perhaps investigate the possibility of a repair. Once your claim is closed you may dispose of the item.

  • We will require photographic evidence of both the damage to the parcel and the packaging itself as part of the claims process.

  • Submit a claim for damage.


How do I request that my parcel is stopped and returned to me?

If you require the parcel to be returned to the sender then you would need to request this before the parcel is delivered. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that the parcel is stopped and returned on time, but we will do our best to help you.


Why has my parcel tracking stopped updating?

Although delays and issues are rare, they can occur for various reasons.

If your parcel has stopped tracking for a few days, then there may be complications with your delivery.


I have received a parcel that I was not expecting.

If you have received a parcel that has been booked through us but are nto expecting any deliveries, then please try to contact the sender.

  • The sender's details may be indicated on the packaging or inside the parcel itself.




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