The below guidelines are to make sure your parcel gets from you to your recipient in the best possible condition


  • Box must be closed with 6 flat sides.
  • Box must be strong enough to hold the weight of its contents without the box becoming misshapen.
  • Use a good quality parcel tape.

Irregular Shapes

  • Ensure all content fits within a 6 sided box where all of the sides are flat.

Fragile Items (Items will not receive compensation)

  • Must have ample padding.
  • Examples of padding include bubble wrap, inflatable packaging, polystyrene peanuts, foam enclosures, crumpled newspaper.

Bottle and Liquids

  • Containers securely sealed.
  • Over bagged prior to putting it into the box (to prevent liquid spill and contamination).
  • Minimum of a 2 ply box.

Documents and Small Items

  • Place in a sturdy envelope or jiffy bag.
  • Ensure envelope or bad is not overfilled and is sealed closed.

Branded High Value Goods

  • Ensure item is fully boxed, even if within its own branded box.
  • Ensure all branding is completely covered but not using black shrink wrap.
  • Item must be suitably padded to prevent breaking.

Metal Items

  • Ensure packaging protects item from injuring staff or from ruining other items.
  • Ensure packaging is padded and within a 6 sided, flat box.

Cylindrical Items

  • Package all cylindrical items in a 6 sided box where all the sides are flat or a pyramid tube.
  • We will not collect items that are cylindrical.


We cannot carry anything with the following measurements:

  • Parcels over 1.2m in length
  • Parcels over 25kg in weight
  • Parcels that are an awkward shape. If you are unsure if your parcel will be unable to be processed, package it in a 6 sided box where all sides are flat.

We cannot carry awkward/large items, examples of these include:

  • kayak
  • bike
  • ladder
  • shovel
  • car seat