Store to Store


Store to Store Parcel Delivery with Yodel Direct

Parcel delivery in the UK with Yodel Direct. Drop off your parcel anytime at your nearest Yodel Direct location.

Want to put your recipient in control of their delivery? Book your parcel delivery to their local Yodel Store.

Yodel Direct has access to thousands of convenient locations across the country. Want to see where your recipient’s nearest store is? Click here to find your nearest Yodel Direct location.

Need to send more than one parcel at a time? Use our bulk upload tool to make it easier to upload details and send multiple Yodel Direct deliveries in one go.

Yodel's Store to Store service comes with tracking as standard – keeping you and your recipient informed at every step of your parcel’s journey.

Don’t have a printer? Not to worry, simply select the Print In Store option when booking your delivery, and you can print your parcel’s label in your local Yodel Store.

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Parcel Weight Price
1 kg £2.42 exc VAT
2 kg £3.26 exc VAT
5 kg £4.67 exc VAT
10 kg £5.51 exc VAT

What else do I need to know?

Where is my nearest Yodel Store?

To find a Yodel Store near you, please use our quick and easy store locator. Just type in your postcode or location, and you will see opening times for stores near you and their location on Google Maps.

Do I need to have a printer to use Yodel Direct?

No, you don’t need to have a printer to send a parcel with Yodel Direct. We now offer free Print in Store for our Send service parcels, just select the Print in Store option when buying a Send parcel label here. Of course, you can still print your own label if you choose.

When do we collect from and deliver to Yodel Stores?

The day that a parcel is taken to a Yodel Store is not counted as the first day of the delivery timelines, the driver will receive notification to collect this parcel on the next working day. Drivers routes will change on a daily basis and therefore collection and delivery times to Yodel Stores may vary.

At Yodel Direct, we like to say thanks to our loyal customers, which is why we have created our Customer Rewards Scheme. The more parcels you send through Yodel Direct, the more you can save. Find out how you can save up to 10% off every parcel you send with us.