Send multiple parcels

Sending multiple parcels through the Yodel network is easy & convenient. Yodel Direct allows you to book multiple parcel deliveries to different addresses anywhere in the UK & Ireland.

Enter your multiple parcel details

Thanks for choosing Yodel Direct. Due to your parcel's journey starting in Northern Ireland and ending in mainland UK, unfortunately Return to Sender is not available.


Bulk Uploads

By using our Bulk Upload tool you can link your Yodel Direct Account to a range of marketplace partners to make sending bulk parcels to customers, friends, and family simple. We work with some of the UK’s leading marketplaces including:

For more information on sending parcels through Yodel Direct head over to our Send a Parcel page.

What else do I need to know?

How should I package my parcel to be sent?

Before buying your label please check that we can accept your parcel.

Prohibited Items

Once you are happy you can send your item through our network it is worth following our handy packaging guide to make sure your items are safely transported. You can find out packaging guide here

Packaging and other related questions

Unfortunately, the items have to be packaged prior dropping them off at the designated locations. Packaging tips can be found here.

Unfortunately Suitcases and Flightcases are not acceptable as packaging.

If the store refused your label you can try to re-book your service and receive a new label.

Prohibited items

Not all items can move through a parcel network safely and some items can cause serious harm. Yodel therefore has a strict policy that aims to minimise the risk to our people, our operation, and to the general public.

Check out the Prohibited Items list.