How to sell on Gumtree


How to create a Gumtree account

If you want to sell on Gumtree – you’ll need an account to post your items:

  1. Click Login/Register at the top of the Gumtree homepage.
  2. Click the Register tab
  3. Fill out the form, which will ask for your name, email, and the password you’d like to set on your new Gumtree account.
  4. Click on Register at the bottom of the page once you’ve completed all the fields.
  5. Check your emails – you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to Activate Your Account – click on this.

How to write Gumtree ads

Firstly, you should take a picture of the item you’re selling – if possible, you should do this against a neutral background and capture as much detail as possible. The image needs to be as high quality as possible, so try to avoid any blurriness or glare from flash. You could use a camera, or if you don’t have one then most modern smartphones are more than good enough.

Take pictures of the item from all different angles and make sure to take good pictures of any damage or marks to the item, so buyers can get a good idea of what you’re selling, without being misled.

Then, you should write an accurate description of your item. Explain in detail what the item is, provide dimensions, measurements or size, and write about any damage or defects to the items that buyers need to be aware of. Don’t be misleading or exaggerate – you should describe your item accurately and clearly, so buyers can make an informed decision. Remember to include any delivery or collection details too.

Advice for buying from Gumtree

If you’re planning on buying items from Gumtree as well as selling them, then there are a few things you should bear in mind:

Never prepay: You should always go and see an item before you purchase it – never pay upfront before you have seen or have received them item.

Meet the seller: When you’re going to buy an item, meet them face to face. Never buy an item without speaking to the seller in person.

Check the item: Have a good look at the item and ask about any damage or marks. If the item has a function, ask to see the item in action, so you can see that it works properly.

Use an appropriate payment method: It’s best to avoid bank transfers and services such as Western Union or Ukash. The best payment methods allow you to gain a refund, such as PayPal.

Be safe when going to see an item: When you’re buying from someone you don’t know, you should meet them in person – but be careful when doing so. If possible, meet them in a public place, or take others along with you if it’s a bigger item that has to be viewed at their home.

Check the ad properly: Don’t be misled by photos or descriptions – look up the item someone is selling elsewhere for tips on how to spot a fake or faults. Make sure you check the dimensions, so you aren’t caught out thinking an item is bigger or smaller than it actually is.

Negotiate on price: Don’t be afraid to ask if the seller will budge on price – but don’t be pushy or rude. Be polite and reasonable.

Ask about returns: Just in case the item doesn’t turn out how you expected, ask the seller before you purchase whether they would accept a return and refund you.