How to sell on Amazon


What is the Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon Marketplace is a shopping network that runs alongside Amazon, that allows third-parties to sell their items alongside Amazon’s. Usually, Amazon buys items from retailers and sells them from its warehouses, but you can sell items directly to Amazon's huge audience on Amazon Marketplace.

How much does Amazon charge to sell?

Amazon has a number of fees that can vary depending on the type of seller you are, and the types of items you’re selling. There are two different plans to choose from:

UK Amazon basic plan

It’s free to have an Amazon basic plan as a seller – there’s no monthly fee. You can list up to 35 items per month on the basic plan without having to pay account fees. However, you do have to pay 75p per listing, as well as closing costs and referral fees. Referral fees depend on the type of item you’re selling, and usually range from around 7% to 45% of the sale amount. Closing costs are a fixed fee of 50p and only apply to media items, such as books, DVDs, computer games or gaming consoles, amongst others.

UK Amazon pro plan

If you sell over 35 items per month, you’ll need to sign up for the Amazon pro plan – this will cost £28.75 per month, including VAT. However, you do get to take advantage of some extra features, like bulk listing and reporting tools, customisable shipping rates, special promotions, gift wrapping options and top placement eligibility. You also don’t have to pay the 75p per-item listing fee that you would pay using the basic plan, but you do still have to cover the same closing costs and referral fees if they apply to the products you’re selling.

How do I advertise on Amazon?

Amazon lists millions of products, so it’s important to get your listings seen if you’re selling on the platform. To do this, many sellers choose to advertise their products to reach a wider audience. There are three different ways to advertise on Amazon:

Sponsored products

You can pay to have your products sponsored, which means Amazon will boost them – making them visible in search results and product detail pages, meaning you’ll definitely reach more buyers who are potentially interested in the exact product you’re selling. This is pay-per-click, so you won’t pay anything unless someone clicks on your ad.

Sponsored brands

If you’re wanting to promote your brand as a whole, sponsored brand advertising means your Amazon store will be advertised in search results, featuring a brand logo, three products you sell, and your own tagline. Just like sponsored products, this is a pay-per-click service.


When you set up shop on Amazon, you get your own free ‘store’ which you can design to show your listings however you want to. While it isn’t a boosted listing, how you design your store gives you the opportunity to present and advertise the products you sell the way you want them to be seen. To set up advertising with Amazon, click here.