How to sell on Shopify


How much does it cost to sell on Shopify?

The fees per sale on Shopify completely depend on the Shopify plan you choose, how much your item has sold for, and which payment method was used in the transaction. Shopify's fees are also charged on both a percentage and fixed fee basis:

Online credit card rates:

  • Shopify Lite - N/A
  • Basic Shopify - 2.2% + 20p
  • Shopify - 1.9% + 20p
  • Advanced Shopify - 1.6% + 20p

In person credit card rates:

  • Shopify Lite - N/A
  • Basic Shopify - 1.7%
  • Shopify - 1.6%
  • Advanced Shopify - 1.5%

Additional fees when using alternative payment providers

  • Shopify Lite - N/A
  • Basic Shopify - 2%
  • Shopify - 1%
  • Advanced Shopify - 0.5%

Shopify Lite vs. Shopify Plus

Shopify Lite and Shopify Plus are both plans that deviate from the usual Shopify plans – Shopify Lite is a basic, stripped back service suited to use on social media, and Shopify Plus is their enterprise eCommerce platform.

Shopify Lite is a $9 per month subscription, which allows you to invoice customers and use their platform for transactions. This is a perfect solution for social media sellers and those with small businesses who don’t make hundreds or thousands of transactions per day.

Shopify Plus is more geared towards large brands with high turnovers, with prices for the service starting at around $2,000. Known as a hosted SaaS platform, Shopify Plus is a server and software that can be integrated on an existing site to handle over 10,000 transactions per minute. Shopify Plus is more suitable for those with large budgets looking for a one-stop shop for their online transactions.