How to sell on Preloved


How to choose the right category

It’s important to choose the right category to list your item under on Preloved – it’ll get your product in front of the right audience, which heightens your chance of a sale. You’ll choose a main category for your item, and then a subcategory – for example, you might choose electronics, and then TV if you’re selling a television.

Preloved will suggest categories for your item, but make sure these fit. If you’re really stuck on what to choose, look up items that are the same as or similar to the ones you’re selling, and check out which categories they’re listed under to get an idea.

How to take the best photos

The most important element of a Preloved photo is being able to see the item clearly and in its entirety. However, if you can make your item look more aesthetically pleasing and professional, it’s more likely to entice potential buyers.

You don’t need a fancy camera setup – but if you do have one, that’s great! However, the key to a good shot is usually a neutral background, great lighting and a clear image without blurring. Try positioning your item in natural light and taking some snaps with a smartphone or digital camera. Make sure to get the whole item in the photo – and if you’re selling clothes, customers usually prefer to see them on a model.

How to describe your items

You should write a clear description for the items you’re selling – don’t use any vague language and try to stay to the point. Make sure to include all the specifications, the dimensions and anything else a buyer would need to know about your product. Don’t forget to add details about any damage to the item to avoid misleading a buyer.

When you’ve written your description, it’s a good idea to paste it into Microsoft Word or another word processor that can highlight any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors – slip ups in your ad can put potential buyers off, as it doesn’t seem professional.